Incorporating fresh foods into your dogs diet is one of the easiest and most beneficial ways to improve your dog’s heath and well being. Fresh unprocessed foods contain an abundance of vitamins and minerals along with enzymes that act as catalysts for detoxification and absorption of nutrients. Fresh food can be the difference between a dog that is merely surviving and a dog that is thriving with a shiny coat, healthy digestion and a strong immune system.

Green Juju makes it easy to add fresh foods to your dog’s diet because all the work is done for you! We use organic produce to juice and then blend into a mixture that is in a “pre-digested” state so that your dogs can get the maximum benefit from nutrients within the cells. Then we add in organic virgin coconut oil and anti-biotic/hormone free buffalo bone broth. Our “Just Greens” blend is formulated to target healthy skin and coat, support joint health, benefit digestion and boost immunity.

If you change nothing else to your dog’s diet, adding some fresh food can make a big difference. Here are a few ways that fresh food can be included in your dog’s existing diet:


Dogs on a kibble diet could especially benefit from the addition of fresh food. While kibble is convenient, and there are many high quality kibbles on the market, the convenience comes at a cost in terms of nutrition.  Regardless of how high of quality ingredients go into the kibble, they are all cooked at high temperatures and highly processed to become kibble. Nutrients are lost in thUntitled-2is process and the vitamins and minerals that are added back after the cooking process are not in a natural state and are not in a form the body can easily use. By adding some fresh food on top of your dog’s kibble, you can instantly enhance your dog’s diet and provide essential nutrients missing from a processed diet.

Whether it’s itchy skin, goopy eyes, a weak immune system, achey joints or a whole list of other ailments, fresh foods can help your pup by providing whole body nutrition, which is often seen first and foremost in an improved coat and decreased shedding.

Green Juju is primarily leafy greens, which are some of the most nutrient dense foods and contain high nutritional value for our pups. Dogs often seek out grass on walks, and some say that they are looking for something missing in their diet, likely the chorophyll found in green vegetables.  Most city dogs these days don’t have the luxury of roaming in open fields far away from roadside pollution, pesticides, and other dogs urine (eek!), so the grass their eating is likely contaminated with things we don’t want our dogs eating. By providing your dog with fresh organic green vegetables, you are able to fulfill that need in a way that will truly benefit your dog.


Raw food offers optimal nutrition for our dogs. While there are different schools of thought on raw feeding, BARF model feeders believe that fruit and veggies should make up 25% of the diet (5% fruit, 20% veg). BARF model stands for Bones and Raw Food, started by Dr. Ian Billinghurst in Australia in the 1980s. Dogs on a raw diet can benefit from the fiber, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients found in fresh vegetables. Many vegetables have anti-cancer properties, anti-inflammatory benefits and are rich in free radical fighting anti-oxidants. In the toxic world we and our dogs are living in today, the benefits that fresh vegetables provide can boost even an already healthy raw diet.

There are many benefits of raw feeding to the dog’s health, but one of the major benefits to the owner is how tiny and compact the poop is! Believe me, coming off five years as a dog walker, I can truly appreciate an easy to pick up poop. However, when you notice your dog is straining or the poop is a rock hard, that is a sign that they may need more fiber in their diet. Fiber helps flush toxins out of the colon, and also helps eliminate gas along the way. Hippocrates said over 2000 years ago that “all disease starts in the gut”, so healthy digestion is something to be proud of!

Homecooked Diet

Patti Howard, the canine nutritionist specialist that we work with Green Juju, has always told me that the biggest hurdle she has with her nutrition consultation clients is that they can’t stick with preparing the veggies for the meals. It is just too time consuming, they aren’t sure which veggies to add, it just becomes too overwhelming. Green Juju makes the veggies the easiest part of your homecooked diet!

Consider this Fresh Food 101 – there are so many places to go from here! There are a ton of beneficial things you can add to your dog’s diet to support their health. Some favorites are raw goats milk, fermented fish stock, eggs, fish oil, green lipped mussel, nutritional herbs such as nettle, spirulina and alfalfa, the list goes on!

It is so empowering to know that the small tweaks that I make to my dog’s diets can make a noticeable impact. Their shiny coats, bright eyes and solid stools are indications that their bodies like what they’re getting. If I can see it, I can only imagine how good they must feel.

Try introducing some fresh foods into your dog’s diet  – your dog will thank you for it! If you’re feeling inspired, this is a great list of foods to try.