Feeding your dog well shouldn’t be time-consuming or complicated.  That’s why we created Green Juju.

The easiest way to add fresh food to any diet!

So you and your dog can enjoy many more happy, healthy years together.

is a whole foods supplement fed to dogs in addition to their kibble, raw, dehydrated or home-cooked meal.  Carefully crafted in the Pacific Northwest, it contains certified organic, functional ingredients to support canine immune systems, digestive tracts, skin and coat, joints and contribute to optimal health.

Green Juju

Whole Food Nutrition

Real whole food ingredients provide vitamins, minerals and enzymes in a form your dog’s body can easily use and process which helps support optimal health.

Green Juju

Quality Sourcing

We use all certified organic produce in our blends and source from small local farms. Our bone broths are human grade. We use 100% grass-fed and finished bison and organic turkey.

Green Juju

Raw Veggies

Originally created for a dog with cancer, our blends contain less then 3% net carbs. They are intended for all dogs at any stage of life.

When our founder’s pup, Bailey, was diagnosed with a rare joint tumor, few conventional treatment options were available. Knowing the healing powers of whole foods, Kelley sourced local ingredients to create a blend of fresh greens for Bailey. The results were remarkable. Bailey regained energy, strength and vitality.

After sharing the blend and seeing similar success in other dogs, Green Juju was born so that even more dogs could benefit from the green goodness that helped Bailey!

Green Juju is now available in nearly 1000 stores from coast to coast. We continue to use only the best ingredients, sourcing and processing. No corners are cut. No expenses are spared. Only the best for our pup, and now for yours, too.
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Green Juju offers two fresh greens blends to provide your pup with a variety of nutrients from different ingredients. Both blends support skin + coat, digestion, joints and immune systems. We encourage rotating between the blends to provide your pup with the broadest range of nutrients.

Frozen &
Freeze-Dried Blends

Our raw, organic fresh vegetable blends are packed with nutrients to support skin + coat, digestion, joints and immune systems. We encourage rotating between the blends to offer the broadest range of nutrients.


Hydrating Bone Broth

We use only 100% grass-fed and finished bison bone broth or organic duck bone broth, all with. no added hormones or antibiotics. It’s for keeping dogs hydrated and improving digestion.


Whole Food Bites

We’ve infused high-quality proteins with vibrantly colored organic fruits and vegetables to create irresistible freeze-dried whole food bites. Feed them as high-value treats or a nutrient-dense meal topper.

Green Juju

“Green Juju is a fantastic supplement to your dog’s diet. As a veterinarian, I think too many of our pets are eating highly processed food. Feeding some REAL food is essential to health and vitality. Green Juju is packed full of fresh goodness, and feeding it along with other good food provides missing essential nutrients. My dogs love it—and are eating more eagerly than ever!”

- Maryam Salt, DVM
Green Juju

“About 2 years ago my dog tore the ACL in his back leg and had to have cruciate surgery. His leg was never the same, and he aged drastically since then. Since he’s been on Green Juju, I’ve seen a MAJOR difference in him. He seriously acts like he’s 5 years younger: playing constantly, loves to go for long walks again, smiling (he really does), bouncing around like a puppy, his legs seem less painful, and his dry coat looks amazing! I really can’t thank you enough for giving my dog his happy life back.”

- Carrie & Avery
Green Juju

“My two year old French Bulldog had allergies which lead to irritated skin and digestion issues. I tried Green Juju as a healthy alternative. Balan loved the taste of it alone or mixed into his diet. His skin is now clear and as a bonus his coat is silky smooth!”

- Kristeen & Balan
Green Juju

“As a dietitian who practices integrative and functional medicine, I’m very focused on disease prevention, and when it comes to nutrition, Green Juju simply can’t be beat. The quality ingredients in Green Juju are known to reduce inflammation, support natural detox pathways, support a balanced healthy gut, and so much more. Green Juju has improved both of my dog’s coats tremendously, and completely diminished the dry, scratchy skin they both used to get.“

- Sarah Lippman