The Golden Retriever

“Ozzie used to eat grass and always sort of have an slight upset tummy. We started using green juju and OMG his tummy has been 100%! No more eating grass and his poops have been way better. His coat is also super shiny and I just notice an overall difference in his health! I even got my vet to buy some!!” – Amber and Ozzie

Kirkland Dog

With Ear Infection

“Dooley’s Dog House talked about Green Juju helping with seasonal allergies in dogs. My dogs has been suffering from yeast and bacterial infections for months, the latest being a combination yeast/bacterial infection in both ears. He had a hotspot from scratching his ear so hard. I went to Dooley’s and bought a container to try it and the change in my dog has been miraculous! His hotspot healed up, he is no longer scratching and the ongoing skin infection due to his allergies is all cleared up. Best of all my dog absolutely loves it! I love that it is all natural and made locally. Thank you for this wonderful product!” Marty and Dog


Oskar and Rufus

The Terrier Mix and The Schnauzer

“Oskar had been eating grass, a little scratchy here and there, and sometimes picky with his food. After you dropped off green juju in the store for the first time and gave us samples I tried to out smart the situation and give him a sample frozen, he didn’t even want to look at it. Thought to myself hmmm maybe not for him, which in my world is ok. Not everything will catch with every dog. Being stubborn myself and really looking at the ingredients more in depth I realized he does need this regardless if he likes it or not. So I took a tub home thawed it and took a deep breath when it was dinner for the pups. Much to my surprise, both dogs, Oskar and Rufus, have never cleaned their bowls for an extra 5 minutes. As we progressed through the first tub I started to notice that Oskar wasn’t eating grass when he would go outside, his itching has subsided. Thank you for stepping up and making such a wonderful product not just for my pups but for all of our clients dogs. I love hearing people come back after their first round and say their dogs love it and the customer can start to see a improvement in their situation.” – Chris at Crown Hill Pet Supply



Miss Boo Radley

The Collie Mix

“Boo not only lost 5 lbs, but her stomach stopped grumbling as much even while eating less (yay fiber!); her allergy symptoms (itchiness, red eyes, leaky eyes) are completely gone; and her poop hasn’t been less than perfect since she started on it. Needless to say, I’m a total convert” – Chelsea and Miss Boo Radley



The Weimaraner

“Green Ju Ju, what a miracle, THANK YOU!!!! My almost 14 year old weimaraner Wilson, has had fatty tumors all over for a few years.  Over the holidays, he came down with a cough, and the Xray showed a growth in his lung,  I was devastated.  He started on steroids once a day and a water pill twice a day. I chose not to put him threw the biopsy.  My Aunt told me about the Green Ju Ju  so I looked it up,  I found I could buy it in Marysville, just south of where I live.  I have feed him Green Ju Ju everyday since January, he loves it.  The tumors have reduced, some have gone away, the cough is gone, and he is like a puppy, playing, going for walks.  I truly believe the Green Ju Ju has worked for Wilson.”  – Lori Lace


The Lab/Border Collie Mix

“I just wanted to write you a message to tell you how much I love your product. I discovered it about 2 months ago while searching for a natural supplement to give to my aging (almost 11 year old) lab/border collie mix. About 2 years ago he tore his ACL in his back leg and had to have cruciate surgery. His leg was never the same and he aged drastically since then (sleepy, moping around depressed, not playing much, his arthritis became significantly worse, dry skin, and he just didn’t seem like his normal happy self). Since he has been on Green Juju, I have seen a MAJOR difference in my dog and I couldn’t be happier to see my old guy back. He seriously is acting like he is 5 years younger: playing constantly, loving to go for long walks again, smiling (he really does), bouncing around like a puppy, his legs seem less painful, and his dry coat looks amazing! I am hooked and will be a lifetime user of this product now. I really couldn’t thank you enough for giving my dog’s happy life back.” – Carrie and Avery



The Lab Mix

“I am very lucky. My dog Pearl is a super happy, healthy pup. My job as her human is to do everything and everything I can to reflect all the love and joy she gives me back on her for as long as I can. Green Juju is part of that. I am so moved that it is helping health challenged pups feel and be better but it also works as a preventative. And Pearl is proof of that. And she thinks I am giving her the dog equivalent of an ice cream sundae! She gets SO excited and jumps up and down (this will make sense if you know her) every night when I set down her bowl. I have given it to multiple friends of Pearl’s and not one has hesitated – they know it makes them feel stronger. Thanks Kelley and Bailey!” – Julie and Pearl




The French Bulldog

“My 2 year old Frenchie had allergies which lead to irritated skin and digestion issues. I tried Green Juju as a healthy alternative to expensive prescription medication. Balan loved the taste of it alone or added to his raw food diet. His skin is clear, and as a bonus his coat is silky smooth. Highly Recommended!!!” – Kristeen and Balan





The Ger-Bull

“I was looking for a non-medicine way to ease my dog’s joint pain when I found Green Juju. A combo of that and a raw diet have turned him into a new dog. In addition to feeling and moving better, his fur is so soft and he smells terrific. (He used to need a bath every two weeks and he hasn’t had one in two months!) He used to let his food sit most of the day and now he eats it right away ~ Otis loves his Green Juju and I know your pup will too!” – Stephanie and Otis




The English Springer Spaniel

“Our 7 year old English Springer Spaniel, Kirby, was diagnosed with pancreatitis about 6 years ago. We have been able to maintain his health without flare ups using diet and Chinese herbs. Unfortunately the side effects of having pancreatitis are weight loss and diarrhea, keeping Kirby at a decent weight has been a struggle for years. He has not had solid poop for 6 years and it is just something we have learned to live with. Kirby was diagnosed with Tonsillar Squamous Cell Carcinoma in August and in an effort to fight this horrible cancer we researched our options and came across Green Juju. Kirby can’t get enough of this wonderful whole food supplement! The first thing we noticed was within a few days of him starting juju HE HAD SOLID POOP!!!! We haven’t had solid poop in 6 YEARS! I even took a picture of it I was so excited! Kirby has also gained some weight and has maintained that weight since starting Juju. The weight gain for us was very exciting as well because going through radiation and chemo we want him to have some meat on his bones. Kirby is still fighting like a champ and we really hope we can have his crazy energy around with us for awhile longer. We also have 4 other dogs that we give Juju because it has so many benefits and if we can help them stay healthy then why not? Plus they all love their Green Juju!” -Kelly

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 6.09.44 PM




The French Bulldog

“When she was about four months old, our French Bulldog Bella started having skin and digestion problems. All the vets said that she had a weak immune system and that we would just need to deal with it. Instead we changed her to a raw food diet and started giving her Green Juju. Bella loves the taste and she has gotten much better–her hair’s growing back, her coat is softer, and she has also started gaining weight. She’s still getting “regular” medicine from the vet but I am confident that with the help of Green Juju that won’t be necessary for much longer. After all, with all these veggies she is bound to be the healthiest member of our family!” -Heidi




The Doberman Pinscher

Buddha’s coat has never looked better and he’s stopped trying to eating random tufts of grass during our walks. His eye goop is nearly non-existent and his chronic giardia hasn’t reared it’s ugly head in months. I’m convinced these changes are due to the top quality nutrients packed into Green Juju. Thanks Kelley! – Hana




The Pitbull

“I just “found” your product when I stopped into Whidbey Natural Pet – in 4 days on the JuJu my dog, Rose, is showing signs of ridiculous energy – she feels really good and the only thing I’ve changed in her diet is adding JuJu.. I’m going to recommend to all of my dog loving friends! Thank you for sharing this wonderful product with me” – Beth and Rose


The Black Lab

“His coat has never looked better and no more allergies. One happy pup” –  Lauren and Cooper

Willow & Skipper

The Pug and The Min Pin

“In the last few years I’ve become very interested in canine nutrition so when I stumbled upon an article about Green Juju I immediately had to go track down a container and we’ve been hooked ever since!! I’m very lucky to have two healthy pups and it is my job to keep them healthy for the rest of their lives and Green Juju combined with their raw diet plays a huge role in that. My dogs LOVE their Juju and will happily eat it right out of the container and who can blame them? It smells amazing and it’s packed full of nutritious whole foods. I am so grateful to have access to such a high quality product made by dog lovers who have carefully grown and selected the ingredients they use. I recommend it to every dog owner I know! I have out of state friends crossing their fingers that they might be able to order it someday and I’ve been known to buy containers for my hesitant friends because I know they just need to try one container and they’ll never question it again! We love Green Juju!! Thank you for keeping my dogs happy and healthy!” – Vivien, Willow and Skipper


The Terrier Mix

“I’ve never had a picky eater pup before. Rudy is my newish best friend and is one picky terrier with itchy skin. It’s like he’s an activist with his hunger strikes. He loves his Green Juju though! Every meal that bowl is licked clean and he has no idea that I’ve just slammed him with all kinds of healing goodness from Mother Earth. We are both in love with this product! Thank you Kelley!!!” – Nikki and Ruby

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