How long does Green Juju™ last in the fridge?
Green Juju™ lasts about 5-7 days in the fridge once thawed. If you have a smaller dog, you can thaw out the container, portion out what you will use within 5-7 days, and refreeze the rest.

How much should I feed my dog?
The recommended amount is 15-25% of the meal. Per weight, that would look like:
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Can I feed Green Juju™ to my cat?
Green Juju™ was formulated for dogs, but we do know of a few cats who enjoy Green Juju™ with their meals! We suggest consulting with your veterinarian if there are any health concerns.

Can I eat Green Juju™ myself?
While Green Juju™ contains all human grade ingredients, it is not approved for human consumption. We suggest whipping up your own green smoothie to enjoy along with your pup, that’s what we do!

How do I get my dog to eat Green Juju™?
Start very slowly. A lot of dogs take to Green Juju™ right away, but if you have a picky dog, start with a very small spoonful, mix it into their meal, and slowly increase the amount over a few days.

Our dogs are used to eating food and treats that have been specially formulated to be super palatable to them, so natural foods may be a unique taste at first. I’ve noticed that over a number of days, they develop a taste for it, maybe because they know it makes them feel good! It may take a some persistence on your part, but pairing it with high value foods (like raw goats milk) will quickly develop a positive association with the unique taste of fresh vegetables.

How long until my pup will see the benefits from feeding Green Juju™?
In our opinion, the number one goal from feeding Green Juju™ is getting optimal nutrition in your pup. So in that case, your pup will benefit from the very first meal! The resolution of symptoms is a byproduct of a healthy fed dog.

Green Juju™ feeders have told us that they have noticed changes in their dogs anywhere from days to weeks. It all depends on what your pup has going on, and how long it has taken to get there. Many of the issues we see in our dogs have taken years to build up to a point of showing symptoms, so it will take some time to unwind the process.

The best time to feed Green Juju™ is when you have an already healthy pup and that boost of nutrition can help ward off disease and the overburden of toxins our dogs are faced with today. A dog is healthy until they’re not, and then what? “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” – Benjamin Franklin

Where do you get the bones for the bone broth?
We get them from a farm in Wyoming that supplies many restaurants. They are antibiotic and hormone free. Bison are always grass fed!

Where can I buy Green Juju™?
Green Juju™ is available in Western Washington – a list of retailers can be found on the front page of our website.

Do you ship Green Juju™?
Yes! Check out our “shop” page. Please take note of shipping options.